I am Alive

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This low acidity Dheki black tea offers intense flavour and a high caffeine content, making it the perfect choice to jumpstart your day or kick off your afternoon. With Hornby Island Tea's farm grown lavender, and ethically sourced orange peel, it is a unique take on traditional earl grey tea blend. This Dheki black tea is sustainably sourced from renowned organic pioneer grower Gobin Hazarika in Assam, India. The leaves that comprise this tea are hand-picked, dried over a wood fire and processed naturally for a premium quality product which you can taste in its flowery aroma, and low acidic flavour. 


Boosts Energy   High in Vitamin C   Relieves Stress   Low Acidity

All our ingredients are grown without chemicals. 

This blend includes 100% locally grown lavender. 

Ingredients: Dheki Black Tea, Orange Peel, Lavender

Contains Caffeine

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