Photo by Ocea Hill

Desiree Lyver, Owner/operator

Upon completion of a Diploma in Environmental Science, from Camoson College, which was as equally disturbing, as inspiring, the way in which I viewed products throughout our grocery stores changed. I grew up on a family run farm on Hornby Island where community connections were important and homesteading was a way of life. 

Why Tea?

After working in the environmental field for a few years, I decided to switch careers and focus on my passion for the environment by running a sustainable small business. My goal for Hornby Island Tea is to support sustainable family run farms both locally and globally all the while making delicious tea for everyone to enjoy. 

Our Mission

I believe it is all about creating a product that is as equally good for our health as it is for our environment. The way we achieve this is by supporting hard working farmers and local businesses. Following these philosophies is what gives our product its exceptionally high quality, taste, aromas, and health benefits.

Wild Harvesting

Wild harvesting stinging nettles and spruce tips are one way in which I connect to nature. After reading the inspiring book Braiding Sweetgrass, by Robin Wall Kimmerer, my approach to wild harvesting was altered to practice the honorable harvest. Never taking more than one third, and always leaving the stand of plants well taken care of. 

Nominated top 20 under 40 business and Community achievement award for Vancouver Island, 2014.

Nominated Top 40 Under 40 business for Comox Valley, 2014