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Our Mission

Everything we do is to support small scale sustainable farming on a local and global level. We create teas that are as good for you as they are the environment. We work hard growing herbs on our family run farm along with ethically harvesting wild ingredients.


I just wanted to tell you I love your I am Healthy tea. I'd try your others but I'm hooked on this one. It feels like I am treating myself every time I drink it even though I drink it every day.

Thank you


I just wanted to say that I bought our teas at Thrifty's and I love them! I am a tea snob and I have decided that your Westcoast Chai is particularly amazing. Thanks for making a great product locally!

Elsie Johnson

About 12 years ago someone brought a tin of "Beauty Blend" green tea to our office. I tried it and have been drinking it ever since. I am hooked and when we travel my favourite green tea goes with me. I start every day with a mug of your Beauty Blend!

Steve Neumann

Addicted to westcoast Chai

Jan Norman

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Hand crafted in the Comox Valley